What is Blue Flash Villa Photography??
We are the premier villa photography company in Bali. Villa photography is our thing. 
We take pride ourselves in creating beautiful photographs which make your villa stand out from the rest. And with over 10 years of experience and a small arsenal of equipment, we know what we’re doing.
Why should I choose Blue Flash? 
Good question! People are spoilt with choice when it comes to accomodation in Bali - there are literally thousands of beautiful villas to choose from. And with websites like booking.com, tripadviser and AirBNB, it only takes a few seconds to see a multitude of listings. That’s why it’s so important for your villa to stand out from the rest.

Let’s face it - in these days of iPhones and GoPros, you could find anyone to photograph your villa. However, the resulting photos will make your villa look either (a), horrible, or (b), like every other villa on the island.
Tell me more...
Well, at Blue Flash, we don’t just take the standard bali villa shots (bedroom, bathroom, bedroom, bathroom, pool, bedroom bathroom). Instead, we approach each villa as a unique project and create a wide range of beautifully crafted photographs which include all aspects of the property - architecture, surroundings, staff, etc etc - to tell the story of the villa. The result is a visually cohesive set of images which work together to sell the dream, and stand apart from the thousands of other villas.
How long will to take to photograph my villa?
It depends on the size of your villa (and the weather), but usually we will photograph a villa over 2-3 days. After that, we crawl back into our dark cave, aka our office, and spend another 3-4 days editing the photos. So please allow for about 3 days at the villa, and expect the whole process to take about 1 week
How many photos do you take?
Lots! We usually provide around 60-80 photos in total, which cover all aspects of the property and it’s surroundings. However, we suggest that you choose the best 30-40 to put up on your website - people simply don’t have the time to click through 80 photos.
How much do you charge?
We charge depending on the size of villa and amount of work required. Get in touch and we can give you a quote specific to your project.
Do you take aerial photos?
Yes we do! We love to take aerials (mainly because flying a drone around makes us feel like we’re in the future).
Do you take video?
We mainly focus on still photography, but would love to chat to you about your video needs and point you in the right direction. 
Do you style the villa?
Yes! We generally make use of what is already at villa, and can arrange things like flowers… and if you need additional styling elements, we can work together with some talented stylists to dress your villa for the shoot.
Do you edit the images?
We sure do - this is all part of the process and we don’t charge extra for editing. 
How involved do I need to be?
As involved as you’d like to be! We’re happy to handle everything from start to finish or, if you’d like, we’d love to work together with you to create the images that you envision.
My villa isn’t quite ready - can you take some photos now, and then come back later when it’s finished?
Yes and no. Although we find it much easier and more efficient to wait until the villa is finished and ready to be photographed, we understand that Bali works to its own timetable sometimes! 
I already have some photos of my villa, and I’m not sure if I need any new ones. Can you have a look?
We've had a look and you need new photos... Just kidding!! Yes - of course we can take a look and let you know what we think. If we think your photos are great, we’ll tell you so! And if you we think you need some new ones, we will tell you why.

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